Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today was the opening of Broodwork at my work...hee hee.
Here is a not very flattering pic of me with Kathy and Eamon O'Kane, the sweetest successful artist I have met. Seriously he is truly accomplished and very nice...a rare mixture and quite a treat. What is the cutest is that he has two boys and he seems to spend a lot of time thinking about what he is going to get them as presents. :)

Here are some more pics from work....I spend a lot of time there and these are some of the folks that make my day brighter!

As I can't find the battery charger for my camera this may be the last picture you see in a while from me....eek. I guess I will just have to steal things of the internet to fill up my blogs.
(Sweat Pea is somehow an April bday flower)
So I am 30! ...I made it there. It wasn't even that hard or trying. Though I have used my birthday to try to make some big changes through small actions. One I am buying flowers for myself. sounds funny doesn't it? But they are cheap comparatively to therapy and they seem to have the same effect. I buy $4-$16 worth of flowers and put them in my room or in the apartment and it just helps somehow.

I am thinking about getting a massage once a month. THAT is a bigger once a month expense though....but it may be really worth it.

I just felt like getting a blog out into the world.
Other than work I have been a bit boring this week. Of course last week I saw PRINCE and celebrating my birthday a TON. It seems like a time when I am learning alot and have my nose to the grind stone.

I can't wait for some beach weather on a day I can make it there!

Keep on rocking...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some how these three photos go together and somehow show a lot about my life and what life in LA is like. Colorful sunshine through art and design as they swirl through my life. first being the tables outside a restaurant on sepulveda. the gay love of my life Greg Barnett, who I helped with some art stuff. Who is right now in NYC getting ready for a art show! And the desert flowers I bought to start celebrating turning 30! look at all the colors and sunbursts... :)

Amber came for a visit! We went to the beach cause I had to show her that! And then to a great East African restaurant in Culver City!
I am turning 30 next Wednesday!
Which got me thinking about 30 and well I am not done with beauty or youth but rather I am just life is lush and vivid and just hit this point of juicy contentment. I have achieved some of my goals working in the arts, getting a masters, and in some strange twist of fate have performed as a dancer and become a performance artist, and shit a curator too.
Finally i am learning to flow with life's opportunities and I am starting to enjoy it.
I am not over thinking life as much and trying to learn to let myself enjoy the things I love and that I have worked hard for.
and I grabbed this photo that looks like a vain facebook profile pic...cause I look pretty. :)