Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Woman's Building opening, Trepass Parade, and Pomona with Judy Chicago

Bronco at the Trespass Parade

The Art Marathon has begun!

First was the amazing Woman's Building opening reception!
This was something I was personally involved with, actually in charge of getting it all together!
So I was invested! There was over 1000 people there and it seemed like everyone had a great time. We sold the new publications that were created in conjunction with the show! We sold eyebolt necklaces! We had tea sandwiches from Tudor House and we had cupcakes and cakes from the Cake Divas.

The Divas were out and about (unfortunately not the Cake Divas they were stuck in Palm Springs)!
I caught glimpses of Judy Chicago, so the glimmering eyes of Rachel Rosenthal and was told to come see Tobuhubu, I saw the glamorous Barbara T Smith, met Marguerite Elliott, and so so sosososososo many more! Including the fabulous Jerri Allyn and the rest of the amazing Waitresses.

Let us just say I get tired just thinking of that first leg of the art marathon for me!

Secondly was the Trepass parade! which was the next day!!!!! AH! Pedestal & the All Girl Band intercepted the parade and had a great time!

The third leg of the marathon was actually the party for the Trespass parade. It was in that grand hall you can rent out in Union Station. Let's just say this. One it is great to finally not work an event! for Pacific Standard Time fun! And I met JD Samson of Le Tigre. Which made my life! Lovely person!

Then the next weekend after recuperating, I went out to Pomona with Meg Linton, and Jenay Meraz to Pomona to hear Judy Chicago speak to her younger self. it was worth the drive and she had great questions...including "Is this still important today? This feminist stuff?' (that isn't a quote) and let me tell you it IS! Rape still happens all the time! It still goes unreported! I myself don't feel comfortable riding the bus home at night! UGH!!!!! Thanks Judy for reminding me!

next up Still Doin' It: Fannin' the Flames of the Woman's Building.
Saturday is free!
Buy a ticket for Sunday!

Maybe after this I can relax!

keep arting and keep track of what you art and send it to me at

Sunday, September 25, 2011

my life

My desk....

I am sitting in my bed... manic on a Sunday...writing a blog. Cause well I just can't calm down.

Things are going great our Pacific Standard Time show at the Ben Maltz Gallery is almost up!

and Pacific Standard Time craziness has begun!!!! so many shows so many head is spinning and I am planning out the next 6 months of how I will get to everything....

I have decided to run an unofficial Art Marathon! Join me...keep track of the 26 events and exhibits you get to! and then send me the info! and hey if you are no in LA why not from now until May keep track of the first 26 shows and art events you go to....send it to you want to tell me the dates of when you go that is great too...
i am to tabulate the results and share that!

Art has taken over my life!!! I am applying to residencies...let me know if you know any good art residencies in Europe! and well Pacific Standard Time has taken over all of my free time.

This will be marathon central so I will chronicle the events I go to!

For now I will leave you with a photo of the amazing organic California produce I get at the local Sunday market! all organic!!!!! even though it is foggy here in SoCal the produce is still shiny!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life After the Rapture

Well today is may 22, 2011 at 1pm and my soul was not ascended into heaven yesterday as one of God's chosen.
I knew through the Wikipedia post on The Rapture that it would be rolling across the world hitting every time zone at 6pm...i wonder if if Arizona got two hours of rapture since it doesn't do Daylight Savings Time...
I must admit that as i spent the day before and hours before making fun of The Rapture and discussing the absurdity of something that has been predicted a dozen (probably more) times through history. ACTUALLY my mother in her confirmation class did the math to figure out the was predicted for sometime in the 80s....
In grand fashion I attended an art benefit for a health clinic (insert irony that I got stinking drunk there) the night before The Rapture in glorious fun with my friends and enjoyed dancing and singing with my friends as our last night was prolonged into early hours of the morning. I had a great sleep over and woke up at my friend's house to a prolonged discussion with a zen monk about The Rapture. I am sure for him waking up to two girls sleeping in the living room of our mutual friends was intense for a celibate monk and might have felt a bit rapture-y. Interesting enough, what I took away from the conversation is that there are certain men who just don't think woman are intellectual. He brought up several conversations I had well formed thoughts about, even while hung over...and he didn't want to hear them. He wanted to show his prowess on them. Well I may drink and carouse and have breasts but my thoughts were just as valid and smart. But for some reason he didn't want to hear them. I find it more interesting to have an engaged two way conversation. Well and let's face it I am a little jealous he is a monk...I dream about being one all the time.
I went home after an amazing breakfast of banana waffles and bacon. All food tastes better when hung over especially when it will be your last hang over. I also got some sheet music because in the waning days of this civilization I am picking up the oboe again. (classical instrument that only Sufjan Stevens has any reference for...though his oboe player is a little out of tune and not at all that good...)

I was sleepy but I wanted to do something of importance before The Rapture....I got to reading the latest book I am obsessed with. The Tiger's Wife....pick it up the writer is under 35 and freaking amazing....I ended up online just surfing around...buying books before God took me away.
I must admit i got nervous at 530pm. I didn't want to be on the toilet when we all got sucked up to heaven or our eyes started bleeding. I took a shower to be fresh and clean after a lot of whiskey and bacon grease residue. As I was showering I was on high alert for earthquake shakes...I thought I felt the bathroom door shift open a tiny bit more....

Minutes before The Rapture I was thinking about my soul and what would it feel like if it was taken from me...even it was to save my eternal ass....I truly thought about if I would be taken if this REALLY happened. And I have to say even with my carousing, feminist ideals I think God would take me. I'm a good person. I love my friends. i love my family. I will take care of my parents when they get old. I give my friends lap dances. I get entangled in political thought. No seriously, I talk people through crisis and laugh with them when things are going well and I care. I critically think about what life means and what id SHOULD be like. I create beautiful things. I worry. I eat organic. I have no idea what I am doing but I don't lie, steal, or cheat. I am truly a soul making a try at it. I good clean try. It scares the shit out of people but I think Jesus and God can appreciate my earnestness.
I had turned on the TV so I could say I was watching basketball when God came (my sense of humor is on the cynical side) but I don't have cable and the Mavs game was on ESPN. So I watched some PBS. And life continued After The Rapture....

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today was the opening of Broodwork at my work...hee hee.
Here is a not very flattering pic of me with Kathy and Eamon O'Kane, the sweetest successful artist I have met. Seriously he is truly accomplished and very nice...a rare mixture and quite a treat. What is the cutest is that he has two boys and he seems to spend a lot of time thinking about what he is going to get them as presents. :)

Here are some more pics from work....I spend a lot of time there and these are some of the folks that make my day brighter!

As I can't find the battery charger for my camera this may be the last picture you see in a while from me....eek. I guess I will just have to steal things of the internet to fill up my blogs.
(Sweat Pea is somehow an April bday flower)
So I am 30! ...I made it there. It wasn't even that hard or trying. Though I have used my birthday to try to make some big changes through small actions. One I am buying flowers for myself. sounds funny doesn't it? But they are cheap comparatively to therapy and they seem to have the same effect. I buy $4-$16 worth of flowers and put them in my room or in the apartment and it just helps somehow.

I am thinking about getting a massage once a month. THAT is a bigger once a month expense though....but it may be really worth it.

I just felt like getting a blog out into the world.
Other than work I have been a bit boring this week. Of course last week I saw PRINCE and celebrating my birthday a TON. It seems like a time when I am learning alot and have my nose to the grind stone.

I can't wait for some beach weather on a day I can make it there!

Keep on rocking...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some how these three photos go together and somehow show a lot about my life and what life in LA is like. Colorful sunshine through art and design as they swirl through my life. first being the tables outside a restaurant on sepulveda. the gay love of my life Greg Barnett, who I helped with some art stuff. Who is right now in NYC getting ready for a art show! And the desert flowers I bought to start celebrating turning 30! look at all the colors and sunbursts... :)

Amber came for a visit! We went to the beach cause I had to show her that! And then to a great East African restaurant in Culver City!
I am turning 30 next Wednesday!
Which got me thinking about 30 and well I am not done with beauty or youth but rather I am just life is lush and vivid and just hit this point of juicy contentment. I have achieved some of my goals working in the arts, getting a masters, and in some strange twist of fate have performed as a dancer and become a performance artist, and shit a curator too.
Finally i am learning to flow with life's opportunities and I am starting to enjoy it.
I am not over thinking life as much and trying to learn to let myself enjoy the things I love and that I have worked hard for.
and I grabbed this photo that looks like a vain facebook profile pic...cause I look pretty. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of March

Well I am sure there are more than one blogger deciding to "pick up the pen" and get to writing again on this day, supposedly shrouded in bad luck. Well other than a slight headache so far i have made it through.

I am starting out with a lovely photo of the honeysuckle that wraps its way to my apartment...everyday that smell makes me smile and calms me it starts to ripen and fall off the vine...even its sickly sweet dead blossoms are still appealing to me. When the earthquake in japan happened these blossoms brought me back from anxiety land and brought me back to the world.

Other than hysteria over the world as it is...things have been going just splendidly for me as of late. It is a great balanced sort of constant hum of contentment. I have been meeting new people, the art is flowing, and I enjoy my job. I am going to say all that cause it is hard for me to revel in all of that. so i am going to try.....ok i did it. :)

Just today my boss told me what a fantastic job I am doing at the gallery and it will keep me fueled to keep doing a fantastic job for months to come. It is so nice to hear you are doing well and means so much to me.

Well I am going to make this a short getting back into the swing of things with lots of photos blog. so many great things have happened the last few months.

Time with friends,

a performance night at Kristi Engle
and a pop song inspired cheer performance by Pedestal and the All Girl Band at Craftswoman,

a trip to Half Moon Bay outside of San Fran ,

and settling in to living in Mar Vista with a share in my local CSA look at those radishes ("yum buttons" and carrots!!!!!