Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of March

Well I am sure there are more than one blogger deciding to "pick up the pen" and get to writing again on this day, supposedly shrouded in bad luck. Well other than a slight headache so far i have made it through.

I am starting out with a lovely photo of the honeysuckle that wraps its way to my apartment...everyday that smell makes me smile and calms me down...as it starts to ripen and fall off the vine...even its sickly sweet dead blossoms are still appealing to me. When the earthquake in japan happened these blossoms brought me back from anxiety land and brought me back to the world.

Other than hysteria over the world as it is...things have been going just splendidly for me as of late. It is a great balanced sort of constant hum of contentment. I have been meeting new people, the art is flowing, and I enjoy my job. I am going to say all that cause it is hard for me to revel in all of that. so i am going to try.....ok i did it. :)

Just today my boss told me what a fantastic job I am doing at the gallery and it will keep me fueled to keep doing a fantastic job for months to come. It is so nice to hear you are doing well and means so much to me.

Well I am going to make this a short getting back into the swing of things with lots of photos blog. so many great things have happened the last few months.

Time with friends,

a performance night at Kristi Engle
and a pop song inspired cheer performance by Pedestal and the All Girl Band at Craftswoman,

a trip to Half Moon Bay outside of San Fran ,

and settling in to living in Mar Vista with a share in my local CSA look at those radishes ("yum buttons" and carrots!!!!!

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