Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time Flies

Well if I wait to figure out what photos I want to go with this post I may never get it posted!
So I want to make sure there is some consistency to my blog.

I am tired. Tired because I have been going at mach speed. And I have been trying to go at mach speed all my life. Now that I have I have decided it is too fast.
Luckily I at least am going mach speed doing things that I love.

Such as organizing public events for the gallery.
Researching with Meg about the Woman's Building.
Reading "The Corrections" and "Tinkers."
Reading my new subscription to the New Yorker.

All of these things seem extra special when Megan points out she can't do many of these things in Russia.

Though life sometimes becomes too many points of interest. I have done soo many cool things the last month they are blending together and all I want to do are boring things :) like play bananagrams...

but I also want to draw and paint. and photograph and video. and edit. and think.
mostly think. i want time to think about what i want to think about. and I will. I am.

Tonight I saw Simone Forti's quartet perform. Which was very interesting and it wasn't about layers like my work is about but rather the deconstruction of boundaries in language in a thoughtful way through the body, the image, and through sound. Bravo!

I saw Gorky's work at the MOCA and MAN oh MAN I love that guy now. he plays amazingly with transparency, layers, and abstraction in a way that is very emotional and appealing as it is in a strange way architectural or design orientated. I aspire to make work like that.

It was really hard to come back to a land with no family nearby. I miss them like crazy but I also realize I am on a very personal journey. One devoted to art, heart, and my family....

What I realized at Simone's performance were some rather large how I could be someone of interest from the outside. That I had established myself here. That I had made some interesting friends. That this is where I want to be. and I am not so intimidated by others anymore...i don't look around for the approval of others but am a lot more centered than I have ever been.

The other thought I had this morning worth memorializing is about how we for a very long time have been trying to separate the body and the mind. wow that was a large part of my thesis but it felt like a new genuine thought this morning. it was about the internet and technology. we watch movies. we experience emotions or try to....without moving. we type. we you tube. also specifically scientists try to separate the two. but it is impossible. as we try to cure cancer not through getting rid of poison but curing the effect of poison. we loss the emotion reality of disease. science is our security blanket of reality sometimes. and when we learn something of use we exploit it....but how does that effect the body? sometimes the great things we learn have unexpected effects on the body and mind...i am rambling it is a new thought. science is a way to destroy bodily relationships by inserting the brain....i have no idea if I believe that...but science does effect intuition...i will think more on this....

hope you are still reading exciting life. (rolling of eyes).... :)...i like it a lot but wonder if it is reading this mind world disconnected from the body.

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