Sunday, October 10, 2010


With my few hours off this month, I want to get in a post. Yeah that is pretty melodramatic but this month is turning out just as busy as September. and I am needing a break.
But what is going on is great! I had my first opening at the Ben Maltz Gallery. for the show MAKE:CRAFT. which is very up my alley with all artists being makers from techie peeps to sustainable knitters!!! Marke Newport who I had chatted with at Cranbrook did a performance for the opening that was amazing! And then also Crank Ensemble from San Fran performed there amazing rubber band and metal made instruments (sample above) that have contact mics on them to conduct the sound...loved it!

My job was to make sure that the opening goes off without too many hitches and it went well.
the performers got set up and there was food. PHEW.

What is real time consuming is the Woman's Building exhibit that is in a year. we are getting the publications ready and the checklist (all the pieces that will be in the show) together and those two things are a full time in itself. I am really excited for the show and luckily along with my admin tasks get to go on studio visits and archive visits in preparation. I am finding that I LOVE archives and I LOVE studio visits.....
Ran into Hilja Keading an AMAZING artist and she made the comment that I would make a great I grapple with this divide...the artist--curator rift...I wonder how I can keep how HOW? though I think I would make one smashing curator...I have all the skills needed...BOOM. Whereas with the artist role...I just don't that like stay in for hours and work on stuff in me...but I also make some really thoughtful many realms...if you have comments please call me cause I would love some support and help as I decide what to do next....but know all is good. I am making art, performing and working as a curatorial fellow all on full steam ahead!!!! which is ravishingly wonderful.

My personal life though...geez I don't know if I know how to have one. I just like hop in to other people's eating dinner with my good friend Sarah Morton (amazing budding filmmaker) and her musician boyfriend Andy Hentz(he is like a hidden music genius)...I realize when I want to feel loved I just call them up and hang out with them like I live with them or something...I guess I imagine I am supposed to have folks over to my house and throw little soirees...whereas when I have a few hours...i just want to read...and well read some more...before I jet to dance rehearsal or the video lab. that the idea of having someone to sleep over every night seems irritating.

Joe Coyle visited this week and I think he got me thinking...Joe loves a melodrama and to talk about the sad and the deep...which I just has me realizing I can let go even more of the bounds I set around myself...

Just keep rocking it.

Up next Public Parks Performance at Baldwin hills overlook on oct 17 at 5pm...Greg Barnett's LACE workshop at Noon on Oct 24
Hopefully some shadow drawings I have had brewwwwwwwwwwwwing for months now.

I am a bit homesick as Joe leaves and then Jesse asked for this blog connection so I guess I am writing this to Jesse....wondering if he had advice for me on how to invest in my personal life more....what he would tell me to do....oh the love hate of the artist life....things are going good but where am I?

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