Friday, June 25, 2010

New beginnings

Hi all!
Instead of writing my life story in 420 characters or less in my facebook status every few hours. I started a blog. This is for all my friends and family not in LA, that I long to see. Also, those friends in LA that live on the East Side and I never get to see. :)

As I start my fellowship at the Ben Maltz Gallery, I'm looking for a place to discuss my ideas about life and art. AND a place to chronicle my adventures here in California! That though public isn't blasted to everyone in the world on facebook. I want a place with a bit more depth here in cyberland.

SO the most pressing thing to discuss right THE BEACH! cause i have been there a few times this an idea to photograph all the different things people lug to the I saw a man who was carrying an oversized bag on his bag (probably a tent of some sort) for a day at the beach...while his lady friend had nothing in her hands...AND the young woman with the hot pink/magenta pillows that were studded with rhinestone CROWNS on them! I guess this intrigues me what people lug to a place that is for leisure. What do I carry? I carry 1-3 books, water, and a snack in my green african print bag--sometimes i wear a swimsuit--sometimes i just go for the sound of the waves and to people watch. I love Venice!

The other day another great thing about the beach is the ice cream vendors! these guys come crashing through the sand (uff!) to deliver their ice cream from a hand cart to me! and Sally! for $2 a pop! now THAT is a deal! i had a yummy push pop. which no longer has fred flintstone on it but is a bit more sherbet and has tweety on it.

Well here it is, if you want inside my head a bit. Or want to keep up with my adventures. Here is the place to go. My mother will be reading this so keep your comments for the most part clean! :)

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