Monday, June 28, 2010

Past and Present

So here I am days away from my new job! I must admit I nervous. Something I won't be showing on the first day of work. :) I have been procrastinating about pulling out the paperwork I have to fill out.
Today was an easy in which I slept through my scheduled chat with my friend Russell in England because I forgot while really enjoying a few more hours of sleep. Something I just couldn't seem to get the past few weeks.

I am organizing my room as I organize my life. I have bought a few new dresses, shirts, and pants so I can look and feel professional. I got a dresser today after two years of letting my clothes rule my room. :) I got some mirrors from the studio and rearranged my room.

And my biggest project is creating a book of all the momentos I have kept the past two years. What is amazing feels like mementos from about 5 years...there are all these amazing things and people that were CRAMMED into two years....and the thing is these are just the mementos and moments I chose to keep and organize. There were so many more that were thrown away....either in good riddance or just that everyday things seem less important when collecting objects. We want to tell stories with objects...not always mundane moments.
So I photographed a beautiful moment from today. This bowl of cherries....what a bowl of cherries, eh? I think of my Dad when I see cherries cause he likes them so much. I got TWO pounds of cherries for $9 at the farmers market. The red ones are earthier and more full bodied, whereas the yellow/red ones are sort of tart and light. I know he would be a bit envious of all those cherries. :)

Had a great tea time chat with Michele J. I hope to someday be as grounded as she. I also hope to someday teach and facilitate like she does in some capacity. We both agree my new job is going to be a GREAT opportunity for me to learn and to see what my capabilities and interest lie within curation.

Yup getting nervous and EXCITED for my new job!

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