Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LACMA and Female

Yesterday I went to LACMA. I haven't been since the first summer I was here. Mostly because I have been swamped with school. Today I had a meeting there to meet with Jules Rochielle about possibly being involved with her project, Portable Cities. Which I am honored she wants my input and involvement. Here is a link to her awesome project

I went early to check out the art, Beuys and Baldessari have exhibits up. And what a combo! Beuys is very hard to exhibit because his work was performace, design, and art in the name of a political agenda. But more importantly I think was his belief in mystery. That you shouldn't explain away the meaning of your art or the passion in your art. But it leaves the objects a bit lifeless in the gallery. My favorite part of that exhibit was the animal prints. Images of animals that are just scratches of images are so mysterious and beautiful.

BALDESSARI what a man! everything blends together spirit, image, design, deliberation, and performance. This man really is quite an artist. There is spirit in composition. God has a nose. letting an image breath. letting an image float. composition is a language that creates a feeling.
It is all in the overlap for JB. He has these paintings that are images from photos or film with paintings and double exposure....that is where we live in reality and that is where art lies. Art lies in the overlap...of image and composition....JB lets you create reality through setting up a structure that breaths. The man plays with simple things but in building on those simple things creates quite a story. Hope is a color and a form on top of a field of images....brillant.

as you can see i enjoyed what I saw because it made me think about how distance and overlap the impersonal can become personal and how the personal can be mundane....our brain creates images...our culture creates images (cinema-photo) and text creates images...all of these things meld together into something more...something with flesh.

so this brings me to my own work which was on Venice Beach today. For thirty minutes I meditated on my femaleness. I meditated. I embodied. I was flesh with the thoughts the structures of female. This idea was inspired by Adam Overton when I had explored speaking to art works through a feminine gaze....but men are female too! He reminded me of this. The experience personally was gratifiying and I learned a lot about receiving. How male and female are so intertwined every wave contains both. But the FEELINGS of this were rather magical. As I sat there letting life in and not judging, that THAT is something I want to do every moment of my life. And I left the beach more ready to receive life. I thought of Baldesarri as i sat there and i wondered what he would think of this work. At first I thought man he would hate it...there is no image to overlap to make reality POP. And then I realized he would love sure as hell wasn't boring ;) and that in going to FAR into the cinema image in our everyday life this act of getting make to reality is an act of consciuos overlapping!!!!! woo!
Here is the link to the awesome series I am doing this work through
Lets just say there was a lot of good thoughts and feelings that happened for yesterday Jules and I's meeting was very fruitful! and i am excited to work with people and movement within Jules' residency at LACE! So excited about art! yes!!!!!!!!!!!

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